brits campus
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brits campus

Good day Everyone

Let me take this opportunity to clarify the article that was

Published, is strictly for Rock of Springs Mafikeng branch

As members operating the branch were ordered by the Director

not to operate in addition to an order reached between the consumer

 Court and the Director not to continue to operate the branch of Rock of

Springs Mafikeng Campus.Until it accreditation process is finalized.

However this has nothing to do with Rock of Springs SA College head

office or other branches since Rock of springs Mafikeng was being

operated by members that were given the mandatory to operate as a franchise.

This is a way to protect both the public and the image of the college from any

 further liability caused by the members of the branch.

In short the necessary steps are being taken for the branch’s accreditation

 process to be achieved and then it will proceed with its operations and strictly

 with the total monitoring by the head office for quality assurance in the name

of Rock of Springs SA College and the public.



By: geofrey kakaire

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